About Our Love Of Serving Your Animal

In 1990 Tony J. Veltri had a vision of providing Bridgeport and surrounding
areas with the best service and the lowest prices to the pet owner realm.
Tony started in the small 1250 square feet space, packing it full, with items
for our pets.  Knowledgeable and friendly staff members helped build the
business and then in 1995, his son, Joe moved back from Pittsburgh to help
his father.  Joe soon took over Eastern Pet with a full time interest in the store
and providing everyone with the best product.  The product seemed to be
busting out of the small area at the same time the rental store, across the
parking lot,  moved to a new location.  Joe and his father decided to take
the larger 2500 square feet area and spread the items out so their pet lovers
could see what they had.  Joe brought in the latest product and always kept
his customers informed.  Eastern Pet was growing again, to the point of
crowded isles then, by chance again, the front area of the building became
available.  They expanded to 5000 square feet almost a year later in 1997.  
Eastern Pet still had growing to do, but this time with live fish.  They added
16 ft of  freshwater fish to their extensive lineup of items they provided in
May of 2000 after The Iams Co. was purchased by Procter and Gamble.  
In December of 2001, Eastern Pet expanded again by taking over the area
accupied by Wholesale Mattress.  This expansion gave Eastern Pet 11,000
square feet of space, the largest family owned pet store in West Virginia.  
Today, we strive to keep the best of natural foods and products and still offer
the main stream products as well.  
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